Inspired by the magic beaches of Bali, this collection uses local sand & crushed recycled turquoise to create the perfect reminder of your travels and personal growth experienced while in Bali.

Our collection has been designed and created with the intention to share the love of Bali with travelers and dreamers alike. Whether you've been here one time, a thousand times, or still planning your adventure, you can have your piece of paradise no matter where you are in the world - because we understand that Bali is the kind of place that lives in your heart and soul forever. 

Created by long-term Bali resident Joanna Witt, also the founder of Yin Jewelry for the Soul, every piece of sand jewellery celebrates local silversmiths and the preservation of local craft. Joanna's love for the community shows in the quality and ethics brought to her designs, as well as in the causes she chooses to support.